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Enjoy the most out of your USA trip with the best insurance for visitors. Let us help guide and advise you!

Unforeseen traveling errors or misfortunes cannot be predicted or avoided. However, having a backup plan in place can prevent such unanticipated circumstances. At Visitors Guru, we provide a range of visitors health insurance plans that will help you avoid any challenges when traveling abroad.

Are you looking forward to safeguarding your finances in the case of any medical emergency? Or, are you a student looking for a flexible plan that gives you access to doctors near your college? Visitors Guru will cater to all your needs.

We are a popular name in the realm of travel medical insurance and visitors insurance. If you are looking for peace of mind when traveling abroad, our top visitors insurance plans will help you achieve just that.

Pro-tip! You must read the policy to confirm whether it’s beneficial for you. Choose the right visitors insurance plan and enhance your traveling experience. At Visitors Guru, we provide unparalleled visitors insurance services with a wide range of insurance products at an affordable cost. Be assured. Your convenience is our commitment.

Do you want decent travel medical insurance coverage or any other products related to Visitors Insurance? Visitors Guru is a one-stop solution for every traveler’s needs.

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You get to choose suitable visitors insurance plans from highly reputed US-based insurance providers.

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Are you a non-US citizen planning to visit the USA? An international trip is a mixed bag of scenarios. Out of all the situations, your health is our prime concern. So, we have the best Visitors Insurance plans to help you with the soaring medical costs in the US and access quality healthcare during medical emergencies.


Are you flying outside your home country during the pandemic? Don't worry! We have your back with the most practical travel medical insurance solutions covering COVID-19. It will help you avoid getting into a financial mess if you contract the virus when traveling abroad and need hospitalization.

Doctor 24/7
Doctor 24/7

Are you living/studying/working in the USA or your parents visiting the USA? We understand that even a minor illness could bother you when you are not in your homeland. We have plans that allow you to talk to virtual licensed doctors over phone or video call for just $18 per month.


Are you traveling to a foreign country to pursue higher studies? We suggest getting a comprehensive student health insurance plan right away. It is not only a visa requirement or a mandatory document your school will need, but it gives you access to receive healthcare as and when needed.


Are you traveling to an overseas destination? Be your trip is business-oriented or a getaway with your parents & family, a travel health insurance plan in place keeps all the financial woes away if you happen to suffer an accident or a medical condition.


Schengen (a region with 26 European countries) is one of the destinations that mandates international travelers to carry a travel medical insurance plan. It is an integral part of the visa process, and it keeps your medical expenses in check.


Are Your Parents, Family Or Friends Visiting the USA? Are You Traveling Abroad?


Make sure to purchase visitors insurance just in case of any health emergencies

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Best Visitors Insurance Plans for USA Visitors

You can choose between these best visitors insurance plans and more.

Patriot America Plus

Coverage Type: Comprehensive
Administrator: IMG

Inside the PPO network, this plan pays 100 percent for qualified medical bills.

Atlas America

Coverage Type: Comprehensive
Administrator: WorldTrips

Inside the PPO network, this plan pays 100 percent of qualified medical bills.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

Coverage Type: Comprehensive
Administrator: Trawick

After the deductible, the plan pays 100% up to the policy maximum

What is Visitors Insurance ?

These are short-term visitor health insurance plans that help pay medical bills while visiting the United States.

Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions

These are sudden and unexpected situations that require urgent medical care and arise from pre-existing conditions.

Plan/Coverage Types

Learn more about fixed and comprehensive visitors insurance plan types.

Visitors Insurance Blogs

Purchasing visitors Insurance also known as Visitor Insurance isn’t always a person’s top priority when they’re going on a trip. Despite being worried about mishaps and accidents, travelers usually put it on the back burner; Nonetheless, once you learn about the safety and benefits the travel medical insurance can provide, you’ll definitely look into it. …

Traveling to America is probably on everyone’s bucket list but traveling with an insurance cover is always neglected by visitors. What you are probably unaware of is that traveling to the States without visitors insurance is a big risk, and you must buy one to ensure your safety.  To fit your budget, different insurance providers …

Different families have different reasons to go to the USA. Probably, you too had one. Some parents send their kids for higher studies. Others go for work. Some families go to the U.S and settle there for a lifetime. Others invite their parents to come and pay a visit to them.  So, have you been …

Planning things ahead and buying a visitors health insurance plan is the best way out for secure travel.  Frequent travelers must be aware that domestic visitor health insurance policies are not able to provide much help outside the borders in case of a medical emergency. Therefore, you must look for an insurance company in your destination country to avail the most benefits. 

Visitors Insurance is not mandatory by law in the US. However, a parents visitors insurance plan for parents can be your savior if they fall ill or get injuries during their trip. A valid parents visitors insurance or visitors health insurance policy will help you sustain the high cost of medical care in the US.

the only thing that can guard you against medical situations in a foreign land is a good travel medical insurance or visitors insurance plan. So no matter wherever you go, let your visitors insurance follow you!

While traveling to the US, it is important to contact an insurance firm that offers plans for non-US citizens as per their individual needs. With the help of a trusted agency that has partnered with various best insurance firms, you can find the perfect visitor insurance policy for your parents.

Are You a Student Visiting Outside Your Home Country?

We have a Student Travel Medical Insurance Plans to Fit Your Needs

Our travel visitor plans for international students provide the right mix of plan benefits, and coverage to keep you safe and healthy.

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Specific Questions Related to Visitors Insurance

It’s best to buy a Travel Medical insurance policy after your family plans their travel dates and receive their visas, but before departing to the U.S. Keep in mind, the effective dates of coverage should correspond to your family’s visa. You want to make sure coverage begins from the beginning of your trip. If the plans change, you can cancel the policy for a refund. You don’t want to wait for the last moment and forget buying it, which usually happens as travelers get busy in packing, shopping and researching the places to visit. 
It’s not a requirement to get visitor insurance to get into the USA. However, it is very much recommended to get insurance due to the expensive costs of medical treatments and checkups. It’s not a must for people entering on B-2 visa type or under the Visa Waiver Program. However the same cannot be said for people coming on other visa types. It’s better to have insurance so that if the unfortunate moment presents itself, you could at least tackle it. Click here to check the Visitors Health Insurance Plans.
Purchasing Visitor Insurance is simple and will take you less than 15 minutes! You may purchase your policy online from our website or by phoning one of our representatives. Either way, you’ll need to provide basic information such as each insured’s name, date of birth, address, email, and phone number. You will select your dates of coverage and share your primary destination country. As part of selecting your policy, you’ll also have the option of different deductible amounts and maximum policy limits. Finally, you’ll choose how to receive your policy documents. Most people opt for electronic policy documents sent via email since it’s so fast. However, you can also decide to receive hard copies via regular mail or, for a minimal fee, they can be sent via expedited mail delivery. Similar Read: Why buy Visitor Insurance when traveling to the USA even if the Law doesn’t require it?
You can get Visitors Insurance online from in less than 10 minutes. The plan can be made effective the following day of the purchase or with any future effective date. It is a pretty straightforward process as long as you have all the necessary information of the travelers to fill the application. Click here to check the Visitor health Insurance Plans.
It is difficult to give you an exact turnaround time on claims processing. This can vary from claim to claim. To help speed the process up, it is critical to make sure you submit a complete claim. Any missing information will result in a delay. If the Carriers Claims Department finds they need additional details to process your claim, then you will receive an Explanation of Benefits explaining what is needed. Not complying with the request could cause your claim to be closed for lack of response. Also Read: Tips for Appealing a Denied Medical Claim or check our low-cost visitor insurance plans:
Pick from 5 days to 364 days; the choice is completely yours! In some cases, you will have the ability to renew your policy for up to 5 years.
There are different visitors insurance plans which have different medical benefits along with other added benefits. Most of the policies cater to new health issues that occur during the trip like injuries, accidents, unexpected sickness, emergency medical surgery or evacuations and also cover other expenses like a trip interruption and more. There are few plans which have an option of Acute Onset coverage of pre-existing condition. Click here to check the Visitors health Insurance USA Plans.
Individuals that are non-U.S. citizens, a minimum of 14 days old, and visiting the United States. The individual is eligible whether they are visiting the U.S. temporarily or moving to the U.S. as an immigrant.
Absolutely! We welcome you to purchase Visitor Insurance plan for your loved ones. A typical example is children buying Travel Medical insurance for their Parents Visiting the USA. People buy for their families or friends on their International travel to make sure in times of misfortunate moments they are covered by the policy. Be sure you have all the proper information to submit an application on behalf of your relatives or friends. Click here to check the Visitor Health Insurance Plans.