Factors To Consider When Buying Parents Visitors Insurance

Different families have different reasons to go to the USA. Probably, you too had one. Some parents send their kids for higher studies. Others go for work. Some families go to the U.S and settle there for a lifetime. Others invite their parents to come and pay a visit to them. 

So, have you been living in America for a long time and now wish to see your parents? That’s great! Although you intend to invite them to the USA, you are worried about many things, especially their health. Right? 

Well, your concerns are understandable for the right reasons. While asking your beloved parents to come to the U.S. can be super-exciting, their health and wellbeing remain a matter of apprehension for you. 

However, you can keep all your woes at bay by getting your parents a suitable parents visitors insurance plan. Some of you might wonder – 

Can a piece of paper prevent health emergencies? No. It cannot. But, it provides the policyholder with a sheath of protection against the financial crisis that may follow an emergency health condition or injury. 

What are the downsides of being uncovered or undercovered?

So, if you are asking your parents to come to America to meet you, ensure that they have best visitor insurance or parents visitors insurance policy.

You might ask – what if your parents do not have any insurance coverage? Who will pay for their medical bills if a medical emergency happens after they reach the USA? Will you be responsible for the same?

Dear reader, if you happen to be the guarantor of your parents or have signed any document of sponsorship, you may be responsible for paying off their medical bills.

And if such a situation arises, paying out-of-the-pocket could wipe off your savings too. Therefore, to avoid risks of not being adequately covered, find a good insurance provider and buy a parents visitors insurance plan for your parents.

Another question might arise here. Probably, it is already running in your head. Can you buy parents visitors insurance plans for your parents? Yes, why not? You can definitely get the policy on their behalf, in their names, of course.

With so many options available in the market, you might feel overwhelmed. Here we have listed down some of the major factors you should weigh when choosing a parents visitors insurance plan for your parents.

Happy shopping!

Type of coverage

As far as the main categories of the parents visitors insurance plans are concerned, there are two of them – fixed and comprehensive coverage. Industry experts suggest getting the latter one for your mom and dad. The extent of coverage with a comprehensive plan is more elaborate than a fixed insurance product. Moreover, as your parents are getting older, you need to make sure that the policy offers protection against the following: 

  • Emergency evacuation on medical grounds
  • The onset of symptoms owing to any pre-existing illness

Parents Visitors Insurance

The price difference between fixed and comprehensive plans

Although the costs of insurance plans vary from one insurer to the other, there is a thumb rule in the pricing.

With limited coverage, the fixed benefit parents visitors insurance plan will be lighter on your wallet. And with all-inclusive protection from the unforeseen, the comprehensive cover costs you more.

However, make sure not to go by the price of an insurance policy. Look for the benefits it offers, instead.

Individual plans or a combined plan

Many families are concerned about which one is the better option for their parents- a single plan for both or separate policies for each of them. It is indeed a wise question. If you have invited both your mom and dad to the U.S., it is advisable to buy individual plans for them.

Is there any difference in price between the two? With reliable insurance providers, there is no price difference as such. However, you are likely to enjoy more options in case your father or mother needs to leave the country early.

Sum insured

Many people have questions regarding the policy maximum they should opt for. When it comes to purchasing insurance plans for your parents, it is wise to choose the higher end of the policy maximum figure.

Although the policy maximum depends on various factors, such as age, the period of stay, and the activities prospective policyholders will participate in, the standard policy maximum is approximately $100,000. So, if your parents decide to enjoy amid the comforts of home, you may opt for a lower policy maximum. And, on the contrary, if they wish you to explore the USA and participate in various activities, go for a higher policy maximum.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is – as the policyholder ages, their options get limited. Are your parents more than 70 years old? If so, many parents visitors insurance plans are likely to offer up to $50,000.

However, as this factor may vary from one service provider to the other, make sure to confirm the same beforehand.

Policy comparison and choosing an insurance broker

It is a vital step when selecting a parents visitors insurance plan. It helps you decide on the right policy after combing the market. What happens when you compare visitor insurance plans available with multiple insurance providers? Choosing a suitable policy becomes easy. And how do you do that? Keep reading to know more!

More and more travelers are eager to know about parents visitors insurance plans in detail, owing to their increasing popularity. This need for knowledge has given birth to various online insurance broking platforms. You can choose a reliable and reputable platform to compare different policies. How would you know if or not an insurance broking portal is good to go?

Here are some imperative things to consider:

  • An efficient platform allows you to choose from different types of parents visitors insurance plans to live up to your requirements.

  • With a trustworthy broker, you are at peace of mind to know that all the insurance carriers are based out of the United States of America and have solid reputations in the market.

  • You can always expect seamless customer assistance before and after buying a visitor insurance plan.

  • With a trusted insurance broking service provider, you always get value for money. So, you can rest assured that you are not overspending your hard-earned money.

  • If you are looking for an add-on plan that allows you to consult a medical professional around the clock (as and when needed), you can also ask for it.

  • A user-friendly insurance broking platform lets you get instant price quotations online and compare multiple policies to make an informed purchase.

  • The best part – they are neither biased towards any particular insurance service provider nor will they force you to buy a plan using their platform. So, you can choose an insurance plan at your own pace.

  • If you need any help regarding a policy, you can contact them right away. The customer care representatives will be more than happy to help you with your queries.

These are some critical factors you need to consider when selecting a parents visitors insurance plan for your parents. For more details, you may contact a customer-friendly and reputed insurance broking firm operating in your state.

Disclaimer: This content is just an overview of the plan benefits presented only as an example and does not replace the Insurance Certificate and other relevant policy documents in any way. The only presentation of the actual benefits of the policy is the Insurance Contract.

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