Top-Rated Visitors Insurance Plans For Non-US Citizens

Traveling to America is probably on everyone’s bucket list but traveling with an insurance cover is always neglected by visitors. What you are probably unaware of is that traveling to the States without visitors insurance is a big risk, and you must buy one to ensure your safety. 

To fit your budget, different insurance providers come with different covers and customization plans around a few specific risks. 

What’s important while choosing a plan is that it should cover the travel health risks, particularly in the country you are going to visit.

Visitors Insurance Plans

When traveling to the US, you need to contact an insurance firm within that country that offers plans for non-US citizens like you. Finding the best company is easy with a trusted agency that partners with several best insurance firms. We, at Visitors Guru, provide the best travel insurance plans from the leading USA insurance companies.

The top-rated visitors insurance plans available with Visitors Guru for non-US citizens are listed below:

Patriot America Plus

The plan that’s designed exclusively for non-US citizens covers all the medical needs of a traveler. The insurance period can be as short as 5 days and can stretch up to 12 months. If the visit exceeds than the pre-decided period, the plan can be renewed.

Safe Travels for Visitors to the USA

As the name indicates, the plan focuses on safe travel of visitors, covering their spouse and traveling companions as well. It provides protection of visitors aged anywhere between 14 days and 89 years.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

Our Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan for visitors of up to 89 years of age and provides benefits like $2 million emergency medical evacuation benefit and a $25,000 political/natural disaster evacuation. 

Visitors Care

Visitors Care is a fixed/scheduled benefits plan for non-U.S. residents traveling outside of their home country.

Coverage Limits Plan A: $25,000, Plan B: $50,000, Plan C: $100,000

With the most beneficial visitor insurance plans from trusted companies in the US listed above, we have made it easier for you to choose a plan that suits your pocket and requirements. Go ahead, pick one and travel safely.

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