Going for Holidays to the USA? You Need to Know These 5 Things

You will be in awe of what the United States of America has to offer when it comes to holidaying there. Whether you are traveling to the US or your family/friend is coming there for a vacation, below is the travel checklist which can help you to get prepared for the exciting journey.

Medical Checklist

Before traveling to the US, if you have any previous health issues, you should visit your doctor for a complete body checkup to make sure that your body is in a good state. If you are on any kind of medication, take its proper supply with you.

Travel Insurance

As we all know that unpredictable illnesses or accidents can happen anywhere. Therefore, it’s important to obtain a travel medical insurance plan while you or your family member is traveling to the States.

A good travel insurance plan covers both health and non-health related issues such as accidents, unexpected sickness, emergency medical surgery, lost luggage, etc.

You can procure visitor insurance plan from anywhere, but we at Visitor Guru provides all types of visitor insurance plans at affordable rates. You can check top plans (with proper details) and can compare prices with other insurance companies.

Passport and Visa

Many of you don’t know that while traveling to the United States, there are different rules regarding passport validity (according to your country of residence).

Some travelers require having at least six months passport validity while some need a passport valid for the length of their stay in the US.

When it comes to visa, again there are different laws regarding it. There is a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) according to which travelers from some specific countries can visit the US for 90 days without a visa.


Always remember that in some states, most prices are listed excluding various taxes. It means when you are purchasing something in the United States, it may not include sales tax.

Also, different cities and states have different tax rates. Therefore, while visiting the United States, you can assume up to 10 percent addition in your pre-assumed travel budget.

Book Accommodation

Depending upon the length of your trip in a particular destination, book your accommodation in advance. If you are planning to live longer than a weekend in the same location, then it’s better to go for apartments. By choosing it, you will avail benefits such as access to the kitchen, laundry, separate bedrooms, etc.

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