What Does a Visitor Medical Insurance Coverage Include?

Nowadays, insurance companies do not only allow you to buy or consult about policies online but also provide detailed information about all plans and other best policies that can be availed. Visitors Guru provides visitor insurance plans that cover health risks while you plan a visit to the USA or Europe.

You may plan a trip to the States for any purpose like for a business trip, enjoying vacations with family or friends, or studying abroad. During such visits, travel medical insurance is highly recommended, which protects you from any travel health risks or losses that might occur during the journey. The policies offered by Visitors Guru are meant to protect you and your loved ones from the uncertain medical risks while traveling abroad.

The main concern before buying a visitor medical insurance is what all uncertainties and risks will be covered under the policy. To make it easier for you to understand, we have listed down various benefits that a visitor travel insurance coverage includes:

Emergency medical care, medical surgery or evacuation 

Getting medical treatment abroad can be extremely expensive without access to the subsidies that the locals of the foreign country are offered. A travel medical policy with adequate medical coverage comes within your budget and saves you from the uncertain health issues.

Coverage for prescription drugs

Under this coverage, only a limited number of outpatient prescription drugs are covered under certain conditions.

Quality medical care in case of injuries and accident

Injuries, including the severe ones that may occur due to an accident, are covered.

Unexpected sickness 

Medical care for any unexpected sickness is also provided under a travel medical insurance plan.

Apart from the above-listed coverages, there are some additional benefits that you get on buying a visitor insurance plan:

Trip cancellation

A travel insurance plan covers the cancellation or delays in your flight, thus making your travel experience relaxing and less fussy.

Baggage loss

Theft, misplacement or damage to the luggage are some possible uncertainties and risks that are covered under your travel medical insurance.

Coverage for repatriation of the individual or their remains in case of a serious illness

The return of the person or their symbolic item is arranged in case of a serious illness or other medical emergencies.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Travel Medical Insurance plans also pay the beneficiaries a certain amount of money if the traveler’s death or dismemberment is the direct result of an accident

Please note, benefits vary from to plan-to-plan, it is important to read the policy details before purchasing the plan.

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