Top Beaches to Visit in the USA

Sandy beaches can be found all along the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and everywhere in between, which is why it can be easy, yet so difficult to find an amazing one to visit. If you want a beach included in your summer getaway this year, you’ll want to choose one of your better options.

Here are the top beaches to visit in the USA:

1. Hilton Head Beaches
The ambiance and atmosphere on Hilton Head’s beaches, and the surrounding area, is laidback and relaxed. No one is ever in a rush there, which means you are going to need to slow down if you want to enjoy yourself. Your days will be filled with sun and sand, while your nights will include dinners on the waterfront with music playing in the background. Our favorite of all the beaches here is Coligny Beach, because it has a shopping center that has everything we might need.

2. Lighthouse Beach in the Outer Banks
This beach is where you will find the historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, although it is now much further inland and far away from the sand. You’ll love the powerful waves that are present every day and they’ll wash over your feet as you walk along the shoreline.

3. La Jolla Shores Park in La Jolla
This beach is surrounded by cliffs, so it has a more secluded feel than the other beaches in the area. Plus, those cliffs keep the water calm, which is perfect if you plan on doing a lot of swimming or want to participate in water sports. We love the serenity of this beach, as it goes perfectly with the picturesque views.

4. Fort Myers Beach in Ft. Myers
Fort Myers Beach is seven miles long and while you can stretch out on the beautiful sand, you may prefer swimming in the warm water of the Gulf. We encourage you to walk the distance of the beach, as you’ll stumble upon little nooks of beach tucked away here and there. However, keep your eyes focused on the water as often as possible, because dolphins love to show up not too far from the shore when you least expect them.

5. Ocean City Beach in Maryland
Ocean City is a popular vacation destination during the summer months, so be prepared to share this beach with hundreds or thousands of other people. Thankfully, this beach is larger than it seems, so you’ll still have plenty of space to move around. While at Ocean City Beach, we encourage you to do more than swimming. Take a kayak out in the water or try your best to catch the perfect wave while surfing. Throughout your time in Ocean City, keep an eye out for activities that include concerts, movies, and even Beach Olympics.

6. Martha’s Vineyard
This little island off the coast of Massachusetts has been a summer haven for the wealthy for decades. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t welcome there, as the only requirement each visitor must meet is the necessity and desire of a laidback lifestyle. As soon as you exit the ferry, you will feel your stress melt away on this beautiful island.

7. Hawaii – The Big Island’s Beaches
You’ll find everything from white sand beaches to green or black sand beaches on this Big Island and each one you find will seem larger than the one before. These beaches are great for catching waves while surfing, and the views from the beach are mesmerizing. Once you find your perfect beach, you will never want to leave.

8. Beachwalker Park on Kiawah Island
The water at this beach may not be clear, but it is still perfect for those who want to catch some seafood for their evening meal. You’ll want to head to this beach if you love being outside in nature, as the kayaking and canoeing adventures are phenomenal. In fact, you’ll find yourself venturing in and out of the numerous inlets as you explore as much of this area as you can.

9. Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod
You might question your sanity when you venture over to Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod, because the water does not get that warm, even during the summer months, and the sand is coarse instead of smooth. However, the views make all that discomfort worthwhile, plus none of the water in Cape Code ever gets that warm anyway!

10. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina
There is more than one beach in Myrtle Beach, and you will have at least sixty miles of sandy shoreline to choose from when you visit the area. This is one of the most popular beach areas on the East Coast and there is much more to do than lay on the sand. In between dips in the water, you can shop the outlet malls, play a round of golf, visit museums, and go on the rides at the local amusement parks.

These beaches are all wonderful options for your summer getaway this year and many of them are closer to your home than you may think. And if they aren’t that close, simply hop in your car and drive, because the time that you spend there will be worth the extra distance.

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