Top 10 Questions Buyers Have Before Purchasing Visitors Insurance

Is traveling to the USA on the cards anytime soon? Great! Do you have your Visitor Insurance in place? It will be your BFF during your stay in the US, after all! Visitor Insurance or Travel Medical Insurance? What is it? Why should you get it? How should you get it? Probably, questions like these are making rounds in your head. Right? Relax! Here we have some frequently asked questions most travelers have when flying to the United States of America. Here you go!

Frequently Asked Questions about Visitor Insurance

  1. What is visitor insurance?

Travel health insurance policies offer necessary medical protection to international visitors. Irrespective of why you are going to the US – for personal or professional purposes – medical emergencies may ruin your entire trip. Travel medical insurance defrays the skyrocketing costs of seeking urgent medical assistance.

  1. Is it mandatory to carry visitor insurance when visiting the US?

Technically, the answer is NO. If you are a US-bound traveler on a B-2 (non-immigrant) visa, having travel medical insurance is not a mandate. However, industry experts recommend having it to counter the super-expensive cost of healthcare in the country. With a suitable travel health insurance plan at a cost-effective price, you can save yourself from spending thousands of dollars on paying medical bills if an unexpected medical emergency knocks on the door.

  1. What are the types of travel health insurance coverage?

You can categorize international travel medical insurance into two basic types – limited or fixed coverage and comprehensive coverage. You may choose one according to your needs and preferences.

  1. What are the differences between limited and comprehensive coverage travel medical insurance?

To understand the differentiating features between a limited and comprehensive visitor insurance plans, check out the table below:

Travel Health Insurance
Limited CoverComprehensive Cover
CostCheaper than comprehensive policies due to fixed coverageCosts more than limited coverage plans because they offer more protection
Extent of payment by insurerOnly pays a pre-scheduled amount for each aspect it covers Pays a larger amount of your medical bills than fixed ones
FlexibilityLess flexibleOffers more flexibility
CoverageHealth emergenciesHealth emergencies, medical evacuation, accidental death & dismemberment
Travel-related protectionNoEmergency reunion, return of minor children, trip interruption, loss luggage
Other benefitsNACovers political situations, natural disasters, terrorism

The table gives a general idea about the differences between a fixed coverage insurance plan and an all-encompassing Visitor Insurance policy. For complete information about coverage, visit

  1. Can you purchase a travel health insurance plan for someone else?

Well! Yes, you can buy a travel medical plan for someone else, for example, your parents, spouse, siblings, or friends. However, always make sure to feed the correct information when filling out the application form. Another crucial piece of document you should have is the consent of the person being insured.

  1. What is the right time to buy visitor insurance – before leaving your country or after you arrive in the USA?

Generally, you can buy a travel medical insurance policy either before leaving your country or after reaching the US. These plans typically come into effect after the policy commencement date. However, it is advisable to buy your copy before embarking on your journey. The reason is – this move will ensure coverage should a medical emergency come along the way. Moreover, some travel health insurance plans come with caps in terms of the waiting period for the coverage to start. What if something unexpected happens while you wait for your policy to begin? So, if you want to get visitor insurance after arriving in the USA, do keep this in mind. Are you a tourist on a visitor’s visa? Come to and explore your options before you find your best fit.

  1. Do travel medical insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions?

Whether or not your visitor insurance plan will cover pre-existing conditions depends on your policy and insurance provider. Some policies cover pre-existing ailments that gradually deteriorate or develop over time, for example, high blood pressure and blood sugar. However, most travel health insurance policies cover only the acute onset of pre-existing diseases. These terms – pre-existing illness and acute onset of pre-existing conditions mean different things. The former denotes any health condition you already have, while the latter means experiencing the symptoms of a pre-occurring disease all of a sudden.

  1. Is going to a doctor for a medical examination necessary before you buy a travel medical insurance policy?

When it comes to buying international travel health insurance policies, underwriting is not an essential part. So, a medical examination is also not necessary. Dear reader! International visitor insurance coverage intends to protect the insured from future emergencies. So, your medical history is not mandatory.

  1. Can you change your travel dates after buying a visitor coverage plan?

Yes, with most travel medical insurance plans, you can adjust your travel dates without administration fees before your policy is active. However, if your travel medical insurance is already active, you may need to pay a fee for date changes. Make sure to read your policy documents carefully to avoid hassles later on.

  1. Where should you look for your insurance proof or certificate?

Once you buy your travel medical insurance policy, your insurance broking partner will mail you a copy of the declaration of insurance. Also, you can go to their portal and access all related documents at your convenience.

Invest on Travel Health Insurance – Save your health and money

These are some of the most common questions people ask before buying a visitors insurance plan. It is always a good idea to clear all your doubts before investing in a travel medical insurance plan. 

Do you have more questions about travel health insurance? Come to, a leading visitor insurance broking portal, to get your questions answered. 

Always remember! It is wiser to shell out on purchasing a suitable insurance plan with medical and travel benefits when flying abroad than paying expensive medical bills out of pocket.

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