Most Interesting Towns in Texas

Texas is known for its many bustling cities, but you can have just as much fun in the state’s small towns! Texas is filled with towns both strange and interesting, and you won’t want to miss out on experiencing at least one or two. Here are ten that are worth a visit.

1. Granbury
This is a perfect getaway for the history lover! Although this town is small, it has enough historic buildings and attractions to keep you entertained all weekend. Don’t forget to take the Ghosts and Legends tour to hear stories that will fascinate and horrify you!
Location: Hood County

2. Lockhart
Foodies, rejoice! This town was made for meat lovers. Believe it or not, Lockhart has the official, legal title of Barbeque Capital of Texas. Enjoy dry-rub barbeque prepared by the best cooks in the state!
Location: Caldwell County

3. Marfa
The Southwest is characterized by weird things, from UFOs to haunted towns. One of the strangest phenomena is the Marfa Lights, which are mysterious colored lights that flicker almost nightly on the horizon. Nobody knows why they appear, but it’s certainly an event worth witnessing. Marfa also happens to have the Marfa Prada, a lonely Prada museum located along the highway in the middle of nowhere.
Location: Presidio County

4. Bandera
Yee-haw! Saddle up and head to Bandera, the Cowboy Capitol of the World. This small town is the perfect place for wannabe cowpokes of all ages to experience life in the wild, Wild West. Learn about the history of cattle ranching, ride a horse, and stay in a western-style lodge.
Location: Bandera County

5. Fredericksburg
If you’re planning a trip to the Texas Hill Country, then make Fredericksburg your home base. When you’re not exploring the Texas wilderness, there’s a lot to do in town, from the Alpaca Ranch to winery tours.
Location: Gillespie County

6. Dripping Springs
This small town is home to the popular Hamilton Pool Preserve. If you haven’t heard of this destination, put it on your list! The pool is a stunning natural oasis in the desert, protected by rock ledges and fed by a waterfall. As a plus, Dripping Springs is also an International Dark Sky Community.
Location: Hays County

7. Pecos
While Pecos may not be the sort of place where you plan to vacation, it is a great roadside stop during your Texas travels along I-20. This town was named after Pecos Bill and retains its Wild West heritage. Stop by to watch the world’s original rodeo!
Location: Reeves County

8. Possum Kingdom
Yup, this is the actual name of a real town! When you visit, you’ll see why—the town is overrun with possums. Of course, there’s more to see than just these creatures. Check out the cliff diving opportunities and awesome camp spots!
Location: Palo Pinto County

9. Canadian
This town is about as far removed from Canada as you can get, but it’s definitely a place worth visiting for an afternoon. The Southwest scenery around Canadian is beautiful. There are a lot of outdoor things to do here, and you’ll definitely want to check out the huge dinosaur mascot perched on top of one of the hills.
Location: Hemphill County

10. Glen Rose
If you want to see more manmade dinosaurs, head to Glen Rose. Here, you’ll find more than a hundred dino statues at Dinosaur World. Check out the real thing at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.
Location: Somervell County

Texas has enough destinations to keep you entertained for a lifetime. Be sure to take the time to check out a few of the wackiest on your next trip to the state! You’ll be sure to have fun at any of the towns on our list.

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