Most Interesting Downtowns in the USA

You may know some of the downtown areas of the world, simply because they are always making the news, or they are just quite large. In fact, the downtowns that immediately pop into our head include New York City, Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, and Nashville. However, there are hundreds upon hundreds of other downtowns throughout the United States and some of them are more interesting than the others.

Here are the ten most interesting downtowns in the USA:

1. Alexandria, Virginia

This quaint and historic downtown is not too far from the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C., but it is much quieter. You will love strolling up and down the streets while marveling at buildings that have been there since before America became the United States. After all, this downtown area was founded in 1750 and George Washington lived there before he ended up as president. As you are wandering around, you’ll stumble upon numerous stores and restaurants, and when you need a break from all the walking, you can hop onto the King Street Trolley.

2. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a charming area and the entire downtown is part of what is known as the Savannah Historic District. You must walk along the cobblestone streets as you are seeing the sights and take the time to stop at some of the historic homes for a tour. Another popular activity amongst visitors is the riverboat cruise and it is best taken as the sun is setting for the day.

3. Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica is known best for its pier and people can be seen on it as they walk and have fun with friends and family. You’ll have a hard time leaving the Santa Monica Pier, but keep in mind that the museums and nightlife in the rest of the downtown area are just as fantastic.

4. Burlington, Vermont

Downtown Burlington has so much to offer those who visit, and you’ll be impressed with all that you can do there. We recommend beginning on the bike trail that goes through town, as it is a great way to get acclimated to your surroundings. After a luxurious ride, you can venture over to the Church Street Market to do some shopping and grab a bite to eat. Make sure you do not miss seeing the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet when you are in Burlington.

5. Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you love the outdoors, you will love the downtown area of Colorado Springs. This city is full of open spaces that you can reach easily from the pedestrian friendly streets. Our favorite parks are America the Beautiful Park and Acacia Park, but we’ll understand if you find a favorite of your own! As you are exploring Colorado Springs, you’ll find many restaurants to duck into for a quick bite to eat, and don’t be surprised if you see many people working in coffee shops and even the parks, as those are their offices.

6. Plano, Texas

This downtown looks quite different than any of the others in the US, because each one of their buildings has a vintage look. This area has been going through a revitalization process since the 1990s, and there is so much more to do and see than ever before. We recommend taking the time to walk around and fully appreciate what the downtown is doing to make this one of the best downtowns in the state.

7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Downtown Milwaukee might feel and look like a big city, but it has some small-town charm to it as well. You can begin your day by exploring the museums and then continue on your way to the beach or the river walk. While down at the water, you can rent a kayak or canoe to see the city from a new perspective as you row up and down the river. You’ll want to stop at one of the restaurants on the waterfront at some point, as they offer delicious food that pairs perfectly with the fantastic views.

8. Sedona, Arizona

Downtown Sedona is always filled with visitors, but that shouldn’t distract you from the beauty of the architecture in the city and the massive rock formations that surrounds it. You can spend your days walking the trails of the nearby mountains and your nights strolling up and down the streets as you venture into art galleries and boutiques. You won’t want to miss the Verde Valley Wine Trail or the Red Rock State Park when you are in town.

9. Greenville, South Carolina

There are not too many downtowns that have a waterfall, but Greenville has the best one of them all. There are more than one hundred restaurants within ten blocks, but you may be more interested in the museums and the performances that you can see at Centre Stage. Falls Park will be your go to place when you need some quiet time and we recommend taking a picnic lunch there to enjoy one day.

10. Tarrytown, New York

This old downtown is where Washington Irving found his inspiration for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but you won’t need to worry about running into the headless horseman when you are there. After all, you’ll be more interested in seeing one of the United States oldest theaters, Tarrytown Music Hall. You can walk along the streets as you shop and appreciate the beauty of this old town that will live forever through literature and your heart.

These ten downtown areas are so fascinating, and we love spending time in them. While we recommend that you visit them all, we know that you may return to one of them numerous times, because you fell in love with it the first time you went. And, that may cause you to miss many of the others on this list.

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