Things To Consider When Buying Insurance For Visitors

The very idea of insurance for visitor is simple, even if it may sound overwhelming. It is designed with the sole purpose of protecting you and your finances in the event of unexpected illness or accidents when traveling overseas away from your home country. A insurance for visitor cover, also known as visitors insurance or Best visitor health insurance plans, ensures that you are safe and well-shielded throughout your journey. So, while packing your bag for an international trip, make sure to have this copy in place. You will thank yourself for sure if you need the coverage in the future.

Have your ideal insurance partner with your side

As you will find numerous insurance products in the market, you might find it a bit daunting to choose one that suits your needs. Therefore, we have rounded up some crucial pointers to make your search easy and select a plan according to your needs and preferences. Let us take a look at the below leads for better insight.

The most common questions international travelers ask

  • Which is the Best visitor health insurance plans for you?
  • Why is it needed?
  • How does it work?
  • What benefits can you leverage?
  • Will your domestic health insurance plan be enough?

These are some of the most common questions people have when buying an insurance product. Ever since the pandemic has crippled the world, people have become more careful and apprehensive of flying overseas.

Thinking about your domestic health insurance policy? Well! As far as your domestic health cover is concerned, it is less likely to guard you beyond the boundaries of your homeland.

Do you know how much it can cost you to receive medical care if you meet with an accident or get sick in the US or any other international destination? It can cost you millions of dollars. Most importantly, the skyrocketing cost of healthcare can lead you to the doors of getting bankrupt. So, you can understand why it is advisable to buy sufficient insurance for visitor before you travel.

The status of insurance for visitor before and after COVID-19

Before COVID-19 hit the world, most international destinations did not mandatorily need the passengers to have Visitors health insurance cover to enter. However, the post-pandemic scenario is different. People from different corners of the world have become more aware and careful. Many countries now need travelers to have Visitors health insurance coverage. Some countries even ask for COVID-19 cover to ensure the safety of the travelers and the people of the country. Refer to the below table:

Countries that Need insurance for visitor Cover

Even Before COVID-19

  • Schengen Countries
  • Cuba
  • Antarctica

After COVID-19

  • United Arab EmiratesAruba
  • Ukraine
  • Costa Rica
  • Brazil
  • Turks and Caicos
  • Tahiti
  • St Maarten

International Travel Health Insurance Plans – Visitors Guru

What do you mean by the BEST insurance for visitor plan?

If you shop around looking for the best insurance for visitor, an important point to remember here is – there is no standard definition for “BEST”. A policy that will live up to your insurance and budgetary requirements is the appropriate and the best choice for you. Which plan would be suitable for you depends on many factors. These include the following:

  • The purpose of traveling
  • The extent of coverage you intend to have
  • The age of the policyholder
  • And, the destination country

International travel and insurance for visitors cover

It’s already 2022, and the world is slowly gearing up amidst the pandemic apprehensions. Many of you might have been planning your first international trip in the post-pandemic world by now. Probably, you are also planning to fly to a new or maybe your favorite international destination. However, before you board your flight, there are some crucial things to keep in mind. Read on to understand them in a better way.

Picture this: A couple of days into your long-pending vacation, and you feel that your throat is a little scratchy. You thought it was an effect of change in climatic conditions. However, the very next morning, you wake to a high fever and runny nose. Your partner told you must get yourself checked to get the right medical care. Or else, your trip may get ruined.

Dear reader, if you get into such a situation and do not have sufficient insurance for visitor cover, beware. You will end up paying for the hefty medical bills. And, healthcare costs in the USA can rip your savings apart. So, get an appropriate plan and travel like the Patriot insurance for visitor before you take off for your holidays. This plan offers the following coverages and much more:

  • Emergency clinics
  • Prescription medicines
  • Doctor’s clinic visits

You can use the online portal of Visitors Guru to compare different insurance plans and seek help from the customer support team to find a suitable policy. Your insurance for visitor plan will take care of your medical bills.

Do you want a more detailed insight? You say it. We have it for you. Here goes another instance.

Picture this: Adrenaline rush gets you going, and you have planned an overseas trip with some trekking involved. However during trekking, unfortunately, you knocked your knee with a rock and fractured it badly. By the time the accident happened, you had reached the remotest place of your journey with no hospitals around except some local first-aid centers. You will need emergency medical evacuation from there to a well-equipped hospital.

Dear traveler, what if this was a real-life scenario? Without a insurance for visitor plan, airlifting can cost you thousands and millions. In this context, insurance for visitor with an Adventure sports rider is your savior.

Overseas visitors to the USA

In generic definition, a Visitors health insurance plan refers to a insurance for visitor visiting the United States of America for a short term. As the cost of medical care in the US is way higher than in other countries, industry experts and leading insurance broking firm, Visitors Guru, recommend buying insurance for visitor plans, for example, Patriot America Platinum and Patriot America Plus for the visitors. While such plans are not mandatory, you should buy one to protect your finances.

An example for better clarity!

Picture this: You are a US resident. But, your native country is India, where your parents live. You have invited your parents to come to America and stay and spend some time with you. And, they are finally at your home. You have ensured that everything is in place, right from their room decor to food. However, have you thought about protecting their health? What if a simple sniffle results in a massive allergic reaction needing hospitalization? What if they suffer injuries in a road collision? You never know about medical emergencies. Right? Therefore, having an appropriate insurance for visitor plan is crucial to ensure they are safe and protected.

However, to make sure that you have the right plan at your rescue, you need to keep the following things in mind and choose a plan accordingly. Let us take a look:

  • Status of health:

If the visitors are healthy, not prone to contracting diseases very often, and do not suffer from any pre-existing health condition, a lesser coverage, like Visitors Care, is suitable for them. However, if they are not very healthy and are vulnerable or have any pre-existing ailment, they need more coverage and even protection against COVID-19. In such cases, a policy like Patriot America Platinum is good to go.

  • Activity plans:

Family members meeting after a long time? It always feels like a celebration. Isn’t it? So, if your parents or siblings are coming all the way from India to the US, you probably have many additional plans added to your trip. Right? Simply put, if there are activities on your bucket list, you can include an add-on to your Patriot Travel plan, for example, Adventure Sports Rider.

  • Duration of your stay:

The longer you will stay in an overseas country, the likelihood of getting sick or unanticipated injury is more. So, for longer stays, you may consider the Patriot America Platinum or the Patriot America Plus. The former covers COVID-19 for travelers to America, acute onset of pre-existing health conditions, and offers freedom to get treated with a doctor or healthcare facility of your choice. The latter (Patriot America Plus) offers all the above benefits. For more details, you can check with a trusted insurance broking firm like Visitors Guru.

For international students

For a student, the opportunity to study abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences. If you are making your way into an international school and flying soon, make sure to get your International student medical insurance plan in the first place. First of all, it is most likely to be a visa requirement. Secondly, most universities and schools need a copy of your health insurance as a part of the enrollment criteria. So, it is better to stay protected.

If you have been looking for an affordable international student health insurance plan, the Patriot Exchange policies would be an ideal choice. These policies comply with the J-1 or J-2 visa health insurance prerequisites.

In case you intend to buy health coverage that offers protection to scholars with dependents, you may consider purchasing the Student Health Advantage.

Get Covered. Travel With Peace of Mind!

The bottom line is to find an adequate insurance for visitor plan that fits your insurance requirements. Neither every visitor is the same nor their traveling and insurance needs. Therefore, reliable insurance broking companies like Visitors Guru showcase multiple plans from various insurance providers operating in the state. It allows you to choose an insurance product after comparing it with your coverage requirements.

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