How to Select the Perfect Visitors Insurance / Travel Health Insurance Plan

Travel medical coverage may seem intimidating, but it shouldn’t be since travel insurance gives you protection for unexpected illnesses or accidents while traveling abroad. 

What’s travel medical insurance anyway? What’s the best travel medical plan? Is it necessary for an international journey? What benefits are best in travel medical coverage? 

These days travelers are also asking themselves how best to plan for a safe and fun family vacation or a semester abroad during an unprecedented global pandemic like COVID-19. 

Visitors health insurance is actually a huge advantage for savvy international globetrotters that purchase a policy before hitting the road. In fact, a good quality travel medical plan can protect many aspects of your life, even when you’re thousands of miles from home. 

The majority of domestic health policies do not extend their coverage beyond your home nation. A random injury, like breaking an ankle or falling off your bike, while traveling abroad could cost you a bundle of cash.  

Countries with long-established travel medical coverage needed for entry such as:

  • Antarctica
  • Cuba
  • Schengen Countries: Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Malta, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Iceland, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the following nations recently put into place travel health insurance requirements: 

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Ukraine
  • Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Tahiti
  • St Maarten
  • Costa Rica
  • Brazil 
  • Aruba

When choosing an excellent travel health insurance plan, it’s really a good idea to start with your primary reason for taking a trip. That’s because there are lots of benefit choices available. 

Travelers on International Holiday 

The last year has been stressful for everyone and now people are daydreaming about taking a holiday. Maybe you’re currently planning a family reunion in Greece to catch up with family members that are spread out all around the globe. 

Let’s imagine you get a little tickle in your throat and some sniffles a few days after you arrive in Greece, but you figure it’s just allergies. Forty-eight hours later, you have a high fever and serious cough. You assume it may be a cold, but you have to look up a local physician to confirm what’s ailing you and get you the medical care you need to feel better. 

Look for Travel Medical Insurance plans which include international coverage for urgent care centers, doctor visits, and medications. Most of the carriers have an online member portal to look up a physician or ask the carrier’s Custom Care team member for help.

Visiting Loved Ones in the United States

Visitor insurance typically refers to travel medical insurance meant to protect non-U.S. residents temporarily visiting America. Emergency medical attention in the United States can be way more costly than in many other parts of the globe. Travel medical plans strictly intended for U.S. visitors like Patriot America Plus, Patriot America Platinum and Safe Travels USA Comprehensive are popular for travelers visiting the USA. While travel medical plans aren’t currently necessary for entry into America, most people would recommend purchasing such coverage just to be on the safe side. 

Parents (and grandparents) have a valuable part to play in families so it’s pretty routine for the loved ones of U.S. immigrants to spend a few months each year visiting. While they’re staying in the United States, it’s critical to safeguard both their pocketbook and their health. 

Before picking your particular amount of visitors insurance, keep these things in mind: 

Length of Stay: The longer a traveler plans to stay within the U.S., the higher the chances that a traveler may become ill or have an unexpected injury, so a Patriot America Plus or Patriot America Platinum policy would be ideal for longer stays. 

Health Status: In most cases, Travel Medical Insurance doesnt cover pre-existing conditions. It’s probably a good idea to explore plans with a high maximum benefit limit and coverage of Acute onset of pre-existing conditions such as Patriot America Platinum and Patriot America Plus. Make a note that these policies will cover you if you’re diagnosed with coronavirus and treated after the policy’s effective date. 

International Students

Students traveling abroad to advance their education will find it to be an exciting, rewarding adventure. International student medical insurance isn’t something a student should forget to purchase. In fact, many universities and schools actually require their students to submit proof of health coverage before enrolling. At the time of purchase, it is essential to make sure the policy meets the university standards. 

Upon enrolling as a student, most colleges will offer their students a chance to enroll in group insurance with the ability to waive participation as long as the student can provide proof of their individual medical plan. 

IMG’s Patriot Exchange policy is best for international students that are budget conscious and healthy. This particular IMG plan meets the U.S.’s visa health insurance rules. The Patriot Exchange plan is the least costly, yet students that become ill or injured will be solely responsible for paying any additional costs that exceed the maximum coverage limit.

Student Health Advantage (SHA) is a solid student health insurance option that covers scholars of all ages, with and without dependents. IMG designed SHA for students attending kindergarten all the way to graduate students. Plus, insureds with SHA will enjoy a rich benefit schedule, including protections for nervous and mental disorders and injuries related to organized sports teams. 

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