Flying with Kids: An 18-Point Checklist 

Are you flying with your kids to an overseas destination? Bravo! It is both exciting and challenging. Above all, it requires careful preparation to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience. Here’s a guide on what to do before you fly with your children:

  1. Go for direct flights to let go of stopovers

Opt for nonstop flights to minimize layovers. When traveling with infants and toddlers, go for direct flights whenever possible. This choice lessens the complexities associated with stopovers, like rush between connecting flights, potential delays during layovers, multiple takeoffs and landings, and the heightened risk of mishandled checked luggage. While travel medical insurance can be a valuable resort in many such situations, it doesn’t alleviate the immediate stress of managing a cranky baby, an exhausted toddler, and the uncertainty of your checked luggage’s whereabouts.

  1. Book a dedicated seat for your baby

Traveling on a budget is a common practice for most families. However, it is necessary to understand that cutting costs may lead to additional stress and inconvenience later. Therefore, it is always a good idea to buy a separate seat for your kid. If you plan to use a car seat on the plane (of course, your baby will be more comfortable on it), ensure it complies with the airline’s regulations. Some airlines require specific types of car seats for in-flight use.

  1. Book child-friendly flight times

When booking your flight, consider your child’s routine and choose flight times that align with their sleep schedule or are generally more convenient for them. This way, you can make your flying time comfortable and stress-free.

  1. Arrange accommodations 

Book family-friendly accommodations at your destination. Ensure that your hotel or vacation rental is child-safe and well-suited for your family’s needs. It will make your stay more enjoyable.

  1. Pack essentials

Prepare a checklist of essential items for your trip. These may include clothing, diapers, wipes, snacks, baby food, formula, baby bottles, pacifiers, and any specific medicines or medical items your child needs. Managing your baby’s needs on time will ensure minimum travel hassles.

  1. Check-in online

Many airliners offer web check-in options. It allows you to check-in at your ease from home, which can save time and make the airport experience smoother. Check-in online and print your boarding passes if necessary.

  1. Review airline policies

Familiarize yourself with the airline’s policies regarding traveling with children. It includes information on in-flight amenities, seating arrangements, and luggage allowances. Having an idea of what you may expect on the go helps you deal with many unwanted scenarios that may arise during your flight.

  1. Medications and first aid

Ensure you have any necessary medications and a basic first-aid kit with you. If your child has allergies or a medical condition, carry any necessary medications and related documentation. Do not ever forget to carry the prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. 

  1. Prepare entertainment stuff for your kid

Pack a variety of entertainment options for the flight, such as coloring books, toys, tablets, or favorite books. Download apps or movies for in-flight entertainment. It will keep your toddler distracted and engaged and minimize travel-related fussiness.

  1. Charge electronic devices

Ensure all your electronic devices are fully charged. These can be a practical distraction for your child during the flight.

  1. Plan your baby’s sleep

If you have a long flight, plan for your child’s sleep in the first place. Lack of sleep during a journey often makes them throw tantrums out of the blue. Make sure to bring a blanket and a comfortable travel pillow to help them sleep during the flight.

  1. Talk to your child

Talk to your kid before your flight. Explain the upcoming trip to your child, especially if it’s their first time flying. Let them know what to expect, from the airport experience to the flight itself. One of the best things to do here is – show them some videos of kids flying for the first time. If they are a bit familiar with what is all going to happen onboard, they will feel comfortable.

  1. Get the snacks and water handy

Do not forget to keep snacks and water within easy reach. It is a cardinal sin not to have it handy. Jokes apart – bring your kid’s go-to snacks and a refillable water bottle for sure. Although airlines usually provide water, it is good to have extra on hand.

  1. Keep extra clothes in the bag

Packing extra sets of outfits is a good idea. After all, you may end up needing more than you thought while packing your stuff. What if your kiddo throws up on the flight? You will thank yourself for keeping those extras.

  1. Secure important documents

Carry all essential travel documents, such as passports, visas, travel medical insurance information, and flight details, in a secure and easily accessible location. 

  1. Get travel medical insurance

If you do not have travel medical insurance or want to know more about it, you can visit the website of a reputed insurance broker like Visitors Guru. You will find all relevant information about travel health insurance therein. Also, you can purchase the best plan after comparing multiple policies.

  1. Review security procedures

Familiarize yourself with the security screening process, especially if you are traveling with baby food, formula, or other specific items. Arrive at the airport with extra time to allow for potential security delays.

  1. Make a checklist

Create a detailed checklist of everything you need to pack, prepare, and do before the flight. It ensures you don’t forget anything crucial.

Enjoy a hassle-free flight!

By taking these steps before your trip, you can reduce stress and set the stage for a more enjoyable and comfortable flying experience with your children. Planning and preparation are key to a successful family journey.

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