Flying from India to the US? Avoid Financial Perils with Travel Medical Insurance

A travel medical insurance plan is as crucial as your passport, air ticket, and luggage when visiting the United States of America. Although it is not a mandatory clause for overseas travelers, it is for your own good. And why so? Consider the following scenarios –

You live in the USA. Your parents live in India. You have planned a surprise visit for them to the US. However, you have overlooked travel medical coverage or visitor’s insurance. Should one of your parents get sick during their trip while requiring immediate medical care – how will you pay the bills? 

You are a tourist or a business visitor to the US. You do not have travel health insurance. What if you accidentally injure yourself or acquire a health condition after landing in the country? What if you need medical attention right away? The question remains the same – how will you pay for your healthcare bills? 

Is your answer – “I or my parents have sufficient health insurance or travel insurance in place, or I will bear the expenses – out-of-pocket – to be precise.” Dear reader! You need a reality check. Read on the following pointers – 

  • The cost of receiving healthcare – initial consultation – in the USA can go up to $100 to $200. And if you need a specialist doctor, the costs can come to around $ 250 or even more, depending on various factors. To your surprise – even a cold and cough can land you tipping in some hundred dollars. Therefore, trusted insurance broking companies like Visitors Guru, always advocate having visitor’s insurance when visiting the United States of America.
  • Most importantly, your trip or Indian health insurance is unlikely to cover you comprehensively, leaving you with heaps of medical bills to shell out.

A comprehensive travel health insurance policy is dedicated. It will cover you against unexpected scenarios, such as accidents, ailments, and travel-related mishaps (lost luggage, trip interruption), interrupting your touring plans while ending up in financial distress. Keep reading to understand how a travel medical insurance policy benefits you during your international trip to the nation of dreams.

 What benefits travel medical insurance offers to travelers to the USA from India?

It would not be an overstatement – if we say – when you buy travel health insurance under the expert assistance of a reputed insurance broker like Visitors Guru, you buy yourself absolute peace of mind and protection from unforeseen events. Let us take you through a detailed look into the pros of travel medical insurance:

  • Visitor’s insurance extends coverage for any medical cost you may sustain should you get injured or become ill while on your trip to the USA. It is likely to include medical bills, hospital admission costs, medications, and doctor’s fees, depending on the policy you purchase. 
  • If you are looking for an all-encompassing policy to cover your health as well as your trip during your US visit – a comprehensive benefit travel medical insurance plan is worth considering. Otherwise, a fixed-benefit plan would do. A comprehensive-benefit plan also covers travel-associated distresses, such as trip delays, trip interruption, and lost luggage, to name a few.
  • Sometimes, things can get pretty messed up during a trip abroad. One such chaos is a medical emergency requiring evacuation or airlifting to the nearest healthcare facility. These urgencies mainly arise in remote places with no immediate help available. It is to remind you – without travel health insurance, emergency medical evacuation can burn holes in your bank account. However, with sufficient coverage, your insurance plan will pay for the same.
  • The amount you spend on hotel bookings and buying airline tickets are almost always non-refundable. Right? What if we say – your travel medical insurance (the comprehensive one) will pay for a trip interruption scenario such as a natural disaster or health condition pops out of the blue? Yes! You heard it right.
  • Data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) – Air Travel Consumer Report show – in September 2022, American carriers mishandled over 177,300 checked luggage – making the rate come to around 6.3 bags per 1,000 people ( Can you imagine? But it has happened in real life. What if you are caught in a similar situation without an exclusive visitor’s insurance policy? You know the consequences well. However, with the assurance of a travel medical insurance plan, your insurance provider will pay if you lose your luggage on the go!
  • Accidental death and dismemberment or AD&D benefit is another plus point of buying a travel health insurance policy before flying to the USA. Sometimes, life may lead to somewhere you may have never imagined. Permanent disability and death during traveling are two of the most unfortunate events that may take place. Your visitor’s insurance is likely to compensate you or the policy beneficiary if you get permanently disabled or die during your trip to the US. 
  • If the policyholder dies during their US visit, a comprehensive travel health insurance plan is likely to cover the cost of repatriation of the mortal remains back to India.

An appropriate plan keep financial misfortunes at bay

Choosing the right visitor’s coverage based on your travel and health insurance requirements is critical. As no two policies offer the same perks and extent of coverage, purchasing an appropriate plan is crucial. It offers a sigh of relief from the financial load you may come across due to an unexpected turn of events during your foreign trip. 

If you search the market, you will find a plethora of insurance products, each one claiming to offer more than the other. Often when there are too many choices, we get confused. Therefore, before you buy a travel medical insurance plan, make sure to research using a reliable insurance broking portal like Visitors Guru. It lists travel health insurance plans available with the top-rated insurance provider and allows you to compare different plans based on policy highlights, plan details, and cost. 

This way, you can select a policy at your needs and budget without being pushed to buy a specific product. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up at and find the best visitor’s insurance.

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