Countries that Require Travel Medical Insurance For Foreign Visitors

Are you planning your next trip overseas? Have you checked if or not the destination country requires travel medical insurance? Before jetting off for your dream vacation, make it a point to consider the same. The travel industry has evolved. So are the travel requirements for foreign passengers. Most importantly, travel medical insurance requirements for overseas visitors are changing – especially – post-coronavirus outbreak. Now, many countries have mandated COVID-19 coverage for people coming from other countries. Besides the rules, a suitable travel medical or visitors insurance arms you to fight the unexpected medical emergencies that may come your way during your trip abroad. 

Why is travel medical insurance a critical consideration for foreign visitors?

More and more countries ‘now’ require visitors to have proper travel health coverage upon arrival. This change has happened even before the pandemic hit. But why has this document become so crucial? You will be surprised to learn the most prominent reason(s). 

One of the most common reasons that have pushed countries to make travel health insurance necessary is – overdue medical bills by overseas visitors. To reduce the occurrence of such unpleasant incidents, healthcare facilities advocate sufficient travel medical coverage for foreign visitors.

Moreover, many countries ask for proof of travel medical insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment. 

You can purchase an all-encompassing travel health insurance plan with the help of a reliable insurance broker like Visitors Guru. It is a seamless online platform that allows you to compare the best policies available in the market and choose the most appropriate coverage. 

Which countries demand travel medical insurance?

Here is a list of countries that require foreign passengers to have proper travel medical insurance in place upon arrival. So, let’s check if or not your desired destination has found its position in the list. 

A point to remember: A comprehensive travel medical insurance plan will cover medical expenses and trip-related issues to ensure financial stability and sanity before anything else. So, make sure to have it whether your destination needs you to have it or not.

  • Schengen Area
  • Bhutan
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Belarus
  • Israel
  • Brunei
  • Cuba
  • Ukraine
  • Palestine 
  • Uruguay

The Schengen area covers many around 25 countries. Do you know their names? Here you go – 

Belgium, Denmark, The Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Iceland, Hungary, Latvia, Italy, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Norway, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Sweden.

Tip for you! While the USA has not made travel medical insurance mandatory, having a travel medical insurance plan will protect you from the oh-so-high healthcare bills should a health or travel-related emergency occur during your trip.

Why travel medical insurance apart from being a mandate in some countries?

As already said, even if you are going to a place that does not demand visitors to have visitor insurance, you should get it for your own interests. You never know that there could be many unseen scenarios where this document can be your biggest savior – the very nature of life is unpredictable. Right? So, what other situations do you may need travel medical insurance coverage for apart from serving a given country’s guidelines for foreign visitors? The following are the best reasons. Read on!

Medical emergencies 

Health-related emergencies can arrive out of the blue – no matter how health-conscious you are. Most importantly, traveling to an overseas country is likely to increase your susceptibility to becoming sick or getting injured. Hopefully, you are getting the crux of the matter. Right? Although no visitor insurance or travel health insurance can help prevent these emergencies and unforeseen scenarios from happening, it will help you get the best possible healthcare services by paying for your medical bills. So, don’t you think – travel medical insurance is for your own good in the first place? Find a reputable and customer-oriented insurance broking portal like Visitors Guru and get covered now.

Travel delay or lost checked-in baggage 

Sometimes, traveling brings several inconveniences. The most common ones are – flight delays and your airline service provider losing your luggage (checked-in). Needless to mention, such situations can impact your travel planning like anything. Having a travel health insurance policy can offer compensation for the expenses you incurred because of the same. Reimbursements related to accommodation, food, toiletries, and clothes are common. 

Political and terrorism benefit

Have you ever given it a thought – social and political unrest in a country you may be visiting can affect both locals and visitors alike? What if you, unfortunately, get into a similar situation? Do not worry! With the right travel medical insurance policy in place – you may avail of benefits like political evacuation and terrorism benefits – covering the expenses of sending you back to your homeland and, of course, medical costs if you are injured. It depends on the security status of your destination. 


What if you or your fellow traveler gets kidnapped or abducted in a foreign country for ransom? Kidnappers are likely to target tourists (particularly high-profile people) owing to their different language and dress patterns. Your travel health insurance may also provide you with kidnapping benefits covering financial losses from random demands and extortion. Your insurance provider may also extend a crisis management team with multilingual skills to help you and your family while mediating the release. 

Travel medical insurance in a nutshell!

With the evolving trends in the travel and tourism industry, countries are continuously upgrading their travel medical insurance conditions. Therefore, it is highly advisable to stay informed to make the best purchase to guard your finances and mental peace. 

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