Best Places To Visit In Texas And California

Think Texas and cowboys on huge ranches come to mind. But that is not all the second largest state in the USA is famous for. Believe it or not, but Texas is not only about cows, horses, cowboys and steaks. It has as much to offer as any other tourist destination in America because of its diverse geographical landscape. From mountains to pristine beaches to nature parks; Texas has them all.

Here are our top 4 places to visit while you’re on vacation in Texas: see what space missions

Space Center, Houston:

If you’ve always wanted to rub shoulders with a real astronaut or to stay updated on NASA’s latest projects, then head to the Space Center in Houston. You’ll learn everything there is to know about space exploration and you’ll also get to see what a real space shuttle looks like. The center pays homage to everything related to space and the exhibits here as well as the artifacts are a great way to learn more about the universe around us.

Big Bend National Park:

In the desert area of West Texas, tourists will find really beautiful scenery in the form of mountains, canyons and a river. Interestingly, on the other side of this very park lies Mexico. If you enjoy hiking, then you’ll be happy to know that this park is full of hiking trails. There are plenty of provisions made for camping as well and a night under the stars promises to be an adventure for kids. Birdwatchers will be happy to know that more than 350 species of birds can be found here.

Galveston Beach:

Eager to hit the beach? Then head to Galveston, which is a very popular place for families to spend some time together. There are plenty of activities that take place here during the summer months too. Close by to the beach is the Strand Historic District which has a number of Victorian style mansions that are gorgeous. The Moody Gardens which also has an interesting aquarium and amusement park is certain to delight both adults and kids.

San Antonio River Walk, San Antonio:

One of the most famous attractions in Texas, this place has everything that a tourist would want. From the latest in art to huge museums to mouthwatering grub to places for shopping; San Antonio River Walk has it all. You’ll find plenty of special events like festivals and parades here and if you’d like to just take in the quiet and calm, then we highly recommend trying some riverside dining.

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Best Places To Visit In California:

California is one of the most happening states in the USA and it’s no surprise that tourists love heading there whenever it’s time to vacay.  But, if you thought California was only for sun and surf lovers, then you couldn’t be more wrong. It is also home to the biggest entertainment industry in the world- Hollywood and has a very diverse landscape that includes forests, mountains and farmland.

If visiting California has been on your bucket list for a long while, then here are the top 4 tourist spots that never fail to amaze:

San Francisco:

Famous for its annual LGBT Pride that usually happens in the month of June, San Fran as it is often called is also well-known for so much more. The Golden Gate Bridge, for instance, which is usually spotted as a wallpaper on desktops, attracts so many tourists who love getting clicked here. Alcatraz Island, which used to be both a military fort and a prison earlier, is now a family recreation spot. We highly recommend the Napa Valley full day wine tour which is a great way to unwind.

Los Angeles:

Synonymous with Hollywood celebs, LA is THE city to visit if you love the movies.  Visit the Walk of Fame where one can see the stars that have been awarded to different celebs and spend some time in elite neighbourhoods like Beverley Hills. LA is also famous for its arenas that play host to different cultural performances like the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl. If you enjoy trying different cuisines, then you’re certain to love dining out here.

Yosemite National Park:

Striking granite cliffs that are believed to have been formed by glaciers a few millions years ago and the grand Yosemite Falls attract no less than four million tourists almost each year. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has a number of hiking trails that stretch on for around 800 miles. One of the most difficult hiking trails in the world which is the Pacific Crest Trail is also found here. Adventure lovers are in for a treat because wherever one goes, nature is at its best. Lush meadows, sparkling streams and towering Giant Sequoia trees are everywhere.

Santa Barbara:

If a vacation where you’re exploring one city after the other sounds like too much work, then head to Santa Barbara which is the perfect place to unwind. Go for long walks, enjoy a picnic outdoors or simply head to one of the city’s many spas for full body pampering. We highly recommend spending a few hours at the beach in the evening and enjoying a splendid sunset. Buildings which have plenty of Spanish influences and tiled streets can also be seen here.

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