Atlas America Plan-An Overview

Can you foresee what is going to happen at the very next minute? No. Right? No one can until they are clairvoyants. Jokes apart, the same scenario fits when it comes to traveling. You do not anticipate a medical emergency while traveling. However, if you stay ready to face one, it is not going to hurt you either. Isn’t it? 

Experiencing an unexpected injury or medical condition in an overseas country can be daunting and, on top of that – expensive. However, if you have a travel health insurance plan, it can make all the difference. It can bridge the gap between a ruined trip due to a medical emergency and access to high-quality healthcare in case an emergency bashes. So, it is all up to you – which option to choose.

Are you a non-US citizen? 

Does your travel plan include the United States of America? Atlas America is right here for you as a savior when you are outside your home country. It is a Visitor Health Insurance or Travel Medical insurance product devised for global insurance protection if you belong to any of the following traveler categories:Leisure traveler

  • Backpacker
  • International student
  • USA tourist
  • Parents coming to the US to visit their children
  • Eco Tourist
  • Business traveler
  • Temporary worker
  • Missionary
  • Participants of an exchange program
  • Adventure tourist

International travel can expose you to medical risks that are likely to become a financial burden if you do not have a Visitor Health Insurance plan. However, with Atlas America, you can take a sigh of relief. It covers you against unexpected medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, trip interruption, lost baggage (checked-in), trip delay, etc.

Atlas America is a comprehensive travel health insurance policy. It offers medical protection and other travel-related and emergency benefits to travelers (non-US citizens) visiting the USA from 5 to 364 days. Although it is a temporary travel medical insurance policy, it can save you a big-time abroad.

Is it worth buying a comprehensive plan?

Most industry experts recommend getting comprehensive coverage. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • After you satisfy the deductible (the amount you shell out for covered medical care before your insurance provider comes in) part, your travel medical insurance policy will pay 100% up to the policy maximum.

  • Although it is a bit costlier than its fixed benefit counterpart, it is worth investing in, owing to the all-encompassing coverage it offers.

  • As far as paying out for the deductibles is concerned, the policyholder needs to do it one time a year or once every policy period.

  • You can also avail of travel benefits and coverage for acute onset of pre-existing health conditions.

Pre-existing Condition

The Atlas America Plan does not extend coverage for pre-existing health conditions until it is an Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition. The latter is subject to the limitations outlined in the schedule of limits and benefits. 

So, what does the term pre-existing condition mean?

Any medical condition diagnosed or for which any treatment, care, or medical advice was given 2-year before the travel medical insurance certificate got effective is a pre-existing condition.

Any health condition, injury, or disorder present at the time of the policy application or existed within 2-years before the plan’s effective date is known as a pre-existing condition.

Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Condition 

As far as Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Condition is concerned, your travel medical insurance plan will cover the expenses for a sudden onset of any pre-existing health condition. It will be covered only if your age is less than 80 years, it has occurred spontaneously without any warning sign of symptoms, and is progressing rapidly, requiring immediate care. 

Always remember! In order to get the cover, you must have obtained medical care within 24-hours of the sudden outbreak.

The policy will not cover the Acute Onset of a Pre-existing Condition(s) in the following situations:

  • The sudden onset of a pre-existing health condition occurs before the commencement date of your travel medical insurance plan.

  • The pre-existing medical condition is congenital (by birth) or chronic.

  • The pre-existing medical condition gets worse with time.

Medical Coverage

As an outpatient, you can avail of the following benefits. Refer to the table below:

Medical Coverage Benefits as an Outpatient
Doctor Visit (PCP or Specialist)Up to policy maximum
Telemedicine servicesIncluded
Walk-in clinic or Emergency careDeductible waived
All expenses of an emergency roomUp to policy maximum
In the US, an additional copay of $200 for illness that does not require hospitalization
Prescription medications 60 days medication supply each prescription, Up to policy maximum
Lab and diagnostic servicesUp to policy maximum
Surgery as outpatientUp to policy maximum
AnesthesiaUp to policy maximum
Additional or assistance surgeon20% of the primary doctor
Operation theater as outpatientUp to policy maximum

Medical Coverage Benefits as an Inpatient
Hospital roomUp to policy maximum
ICU or Intensive Care UnitUp to policy maximum
Surgery as inpatientUp to policy maximum
AnesthesiaUp to policy maximum
Additional or assistance surgeon20% of the primary doctor (surgeon)
Operation theater as outpatientUp to policy maximum
Consult doctor, if recommended by the attending doctorUp to policy maximum
Tests within 7 days of hospitalizationUp to policy maximum

Other Medical Services
Cardiovascular conditionsUp to policy maximum
Maternity coverComplications only
COVID-19 coverIncluded

Travel-Related Coverage
Trip Interruption$ 10,000
Quarantine or Trip Delay2 days at the max, More than 12 hours: $100 per day
Loss of Checked-in Baggage$50/item, $1000 at the max
Return of Kids (Minor)$ 50, 000
Emergency Medical Evacuation$ 1,000,000
Emergency Reunion15 days at the max, $ 100,000
Return of Mortal RemainsUp to policy maximum
Local Cremation or Burial$5,000
Border Entry Protection$500
Loss of Travel Documents or Passport$100

Other Coverages
Terrorism Cover$50,000 (Eligible healthcare expenses)
Natural Disaster Cover$250/day, maximum for 5 days (accomodation)
Cruise CoverIncluded
AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment)Less than 18-years: $5000
Between 18 to 69-years: $25,000
Between 70 to 74-years: $ 12,500
More than 75-years: $6250

$250,000 maximum per group or family.
AD&D (Common Carrier)Less than 18-years: $10,000
Between 18 to 69-years: $50,000
Between 70 to 74-years: $ 25,000
More than 75-years: $12,500

$250,000 maximum per group or family.

Atlas America Plan – How does it work?

The travel medical insurance plan works in two steps. Have a quick look at them:

Step I: You, the policyholder, shell out the deductible once per plan term.

Step II: Your travel medical insurance will take care of 100% of the expenses according to the chosen policy maximum.

If you want to know about the steps to buy The Atlas America Plan, here you go:

After you have selected a travel medical insurance plan, it is time to obtain price quotes. As there are many insurance firms and broking platforms that sell travel health insurance policies, it is advisable to seek multiple price quotes. A reliable insurance broking firm like Visitors Guru will provide you with instant price quotes. So, after comparing a couple of them, you can close the deal. As far as policy activation is concerned, the coverage can commence right from the day of purchase or any specified date as per the policy wordings.

Hopefully, the given details about the Atlas America Plan have helped to understand this best visitors insurance for USA visitors. Now, let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions about the plan for more clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is PPO?

It is a health insurance plan that has tie-ups with healthcare facilities and providers, including doctors and hospitals, to form a network of providers participating therein. This managed care organization is also known as a preferred provider organization, preferred provider option, or participating provider organization.

What happens if you go to a healthcare provider within the PPO network?

When you choose a healthcare facility or provider from the PPO network, you can avail of network negotiated charges for the eligible expenses.

What if you do not go to a healthcare provider within the PPO network?

Well! You can always select a provider outside the PPO network. However, in that care, you will not be able to get network negotiated charges. The provider will be responsible for direct billing.

Is it necessary to fill out a claim form?

Yes, it is crucial and needed to fill out the claim form and produce it with the other relevant document. The claim form is necessary irrespective of whether your healthcare provider bills your insurance partner directly or not.

Do you need to inform your insurance service provider before going to a doctor’s clinic?

No, you need to inform your insurance service provider before going to a doctor’s clinic. Pre-notification is crucial only where it is a major occurrence, such as surgery or hospitalization.

Is the deductible amount refundable?

No, it is your liability to pay the deductible as it is an out-of-pocket investment. Your visitors insurance provider will not reimburse for the same. 

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