StudentSecure Select


Student Secure Select is an outstanding policy that protects students (under the age of 65) while studying abroad. Select handles 80% of all eligible expenses up to a $600,000 Overall Maximum.

This international protection safeguards you from inpatient and outpatient medical charges experienced while away from home. Routine services will cost you very little such as a $35 doctor’s appointment and a $200 emergency room visit. Select coverage also handles the big costs that you may not be prepared to cover. For example, your policy will include an Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit of $300,000, a Terrorism benefit up to $50,000, and an AD&D benefit of $25,000. Not to mention the ease of selecting an optional Crisis Response Rider for up to $100,000. StudentSecure Select takes care of all the troublesome medical costs you risk incurring while pursuing your academic dreams away from home.


After deductible, pays 80% up to $5,000 then 100% to maximum limit
Medical Benefits

Hospital Room and Board
Average semi-private room rate, including nursing services
Surgical Treatment
Usual, reasonable, and customary charges
Intensive Care
Usual, reasonable, and customary charges
Physician Visits
Usual, reasonable, and customary charges
Surgical Treatment (Outpatient)
Usual, reasonable, and customary charges
Prescription Medication
50% of actual charge
Diagnostic Procedures
Usual, reasonable, and customary charges
Pre-Existing Conditions
6-month waiting period | Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition (excludes chronic and congenital conditions) $25,000 lifetime maximum
80% up to $10,000 within the PPO;
Routine physical examination
Not Covered
Physical Therapy
Up to $50 per visit/day
Up to $750 per injury / illness if hospitalized as inpatient
Emergency Room
Usual, reasonable, and customary charges
Hospital Indemnity
Dental Benefits

Unexpected pain to sound natural teeth
$100 maximum per certificate period. Not subject to deductible or coinsurance
Accident related Emergency
$250 maximum per tooth; $500 maximum per certificate period
Life Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Lifetime Maximum - $25,000
Common Carrier Accidental Death
Other Travel Benefits

Emergency Medical Evacuation
Up to $300,000
Return of Mortal Remains or Cremation/Burial
Up to $25,000
Emergency Reunion
Up to $5,000
Return of Minor Children
Not Covered
Trip Interruption
Not Covered
Loss Luggage
Not Covered
Up to $50,000
Coverage Information
Plan Type
Acute Onset
Dependent Eligible

Before making a final purchase, you must thoroughly read the policy information published by the insurance carrier, including their policy brochure and certificate. The insurance company's documents provide the definitive explanation of plan features, benefits, exclusions, limitations, claims handling, and other critical details. If you find any conflicts between our website and the insurance carrier’s documents, be advised the insurer’s documents take precedence.