Patriot Multi-Trip


Designed for those that take multiple trips throughout the year outside their home country. It offers the ease and convenience of purchasing a single annual plan at an affordable annual premium.

You have enough to worry about when you’re traveling.  Don’t let your medical coverage be an uncertainty.  IMG has developed two Patriot Multi-Trip plans that offer a complete package of international benefits available 24 hours a day.  Patriot Multi-Trip International is a plan for U.S. citizens who take multiple trips annually outside the U.S. Patriot Multi-Trip America is a plan for non-U.S. citizens who take multiple trips annually outside of their home country, and/or country of citizenship.  Both plans offer coverage for you, your spouse and/or children for each trip taken outside your home country and/or country of citizenship during a period of 12 months with renewability up to three years, in accordance with the terms of the Certificate of Insurance.

For treatment received outside the U.S. & Canada: No coinsurance

For treatment received within the U.S. & Canada:

In the PPO Network: The plan pays 90% of eligible expenses up to $5,000, then 100% up to the Maximum Limit

Outside the PPO Network: The plan pays 80% of eligible expenses up to $5,000, then 100% up to the Maximum Limit


Medical Benefits

Hospital Room and Board
Surgical Treatment
Intensive Care
Physician Visits
Surgical Treatment (Outpatient)
Prescription Medication
Diagnostic Procedures
Pre-Existing Conditions
Routine physical examination
Physical Therapy
Emergency Room
Hospital Indemnity
Dental Benefits

Unexpected pain to sound natural teeth
Accident related Emergency
Life Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment
$25,000 principal sum
Common Carrier Accidental Death
$50,000 is payable to the designated beneficiary, up to a maximum of $250,000 per family.
Other Travel Benefits

Emergency Medical Evacuation
Up to the Maximum Limit for insured persons under age 66; and up to $50,000 for covered incidents for insured persons from ages 66 to 75.
Return of Mortal Remains or Cremation/Burial
Up to $50,000
Emergency Reunion
Up to $50,000
Return of Minor Children
Up to $50,000
Trip Interruption
Up to $5,000
Loss Luggage
Up to $50 per item of luggage; maximum of $250
$50,000 lifetime maximum
Coverage Information
Plan Type
PPO Network
Covid-19 Coverage
Dependent Eligible

Before making a final purchase, you must thoroughly read the policy information published by the insurance carrier, including their policy brochure and certificate. The insurance company's documents provide the definitive explanation of plan features, benefits, exclusions, limitations, claims handling, and other critical details. If you find any conflicts between our website and the insurance carrier’s documents, be advised the insurer’s documents take precedence.