Who Should Buy Global Medical Insurance for Expatriates?

Top insurance companies design this kind of global medical insurance to cater to the needs of people who intend to travel overseas and stay for extended periods. This kind of insurance will help pay for clinics, hospitals, doctors, and prescriptions, but it isn’t usually intended to cover pre-existing conditions. Some companies offer plans that cater to the needs of people who have certain medical conditions they need to manage.

In addition to having medical needs covered in case of an illness or injury, you may find plans with other benefits that travelers can use. For instance, the top companies usually offer a medical concierge service that will direct you to quality medical facilities nearby and even help you save money within their global networks. They may also offer protection in case you need a medical or other emergency evacuation, lose your baggage or travel documents, and more.

Note that these plans aren’t design to comply with U.S. ACA requirements. If you’re a U.S. national, you may be exempt from ACA rules when you travel overseas for extended periods.

How to Buy Expatriate Health Insurance

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected during your extended stay overseas. Start by reviewing the plans on our website. Then you can also buy your global travel medical insurance and print your insurance documents online.

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Before making a final purchase, you must thoroughly read the policy information published by the insurance carrier, including their policy brochure and certificate. The insurance company's documents provide the definitive explanation of plan features, benefits, exclusions, limitations, claims handling, and other critical details. If you find any conflicts between our website and the insurance carrier’s documents, be advised the insurer’s documents take precedence.