What are some examples of events covered by trip interruption insurance?

You can see the exact types of events covered by trip interruption insurance listed in your policy. Basically, these are the kinds of situations that would cause you to have to interrupt your trip and return to your home.

One example might include having to return home because you, somebody in your traveling party, or even a relative back home would suffer from an illness or injury that would force you to end your trip. Other examples might include evacuations because of weather events, civil unrest or terrorist attacks, labor strikes that disrupt travel, or even getting called back to your job or active duty.

Typically, you would get reimbursed for any non-refundable travel costs and deposits. You will usually also get a ticket to travel back to your own home. Coverage is usually limited to 150 percent of any travel costs that have been paid, not used yet, and won’t be refunded.