What is Visitors Insurance?

You bought your ticket, packed your bags, and you could not be more excited to head to the U.S. to begin your exciting trip.  Then by chance, it seems you hear someone talk about USA Visitor Medical insurance or Travel Insurance. You think to yourself, I wonder if that is something I need to look into, and the answer is YES! Anyone traveling to the U.S. regardless of the reason should look into visitor health insurance.

In a foreign land where most things are foreign—place, food, climate, etc.—one’s probability of facing medical emergencies are also high. Especially in a country like the U.S. where uninsured medical care is sky high; we bring you the best solution, cutting down on the cost as well as the sheer emotional burden in the face of an emergency. This is a short-term and temporary travel medical insurance policy which addresses medical situations during one’s stay in the U.S. It covers:

  • Unexpected and new sickness or illness
  • Sudden accidents or injuries
  • Sending the remains home in the event of unexpected demise

A typical visitors medical insurance does not cover:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions connected to one’s existing health or medical concerns
  • Scheduled/Routine medical checkup, medical examinations, and immunization
  • Childbirth, maternity, and pregnancy-related medical conditions
  • Significant dental health issues and vision checkup or eyeglass or related treatments

Where can you buy a visitors medical insurance?

You may purchase a visitors medical insurance in your home country or the U.S. However, if you opt to purchase it in the U.S., you have the advantages of a higher coverage of issues, minimum paperwork, easy verification process and a hassle-free buying experience.

Purchasing visitors medical insurance online would be the most convenient option for you. You get the following benefits:

  • User-friendly and no paperwork
  • The fastest mode of processing your application
  • Physical and medical examinations are not required
  • Instant insurance ID cards and immediate coverage with convenient renewal

The two types of visitors medical insurance

The service offered in a visitors medical plan is of two types: limited and comprehensive coverage.

Limited plans are low in budget, provide limited coverage.

A comprehensive coverage policy has greater coverage and benefits. With high-end facilities come high premium too. Hence this plan is costly but includes sufficient added benefits.

How to claim your insurance?

Simply fill out a claim form and attach the original as well as copies of evidence of expenditures such as receipts of hospital fee, doctor’s reports, and any other relevant bills.

Please check the claims center page for additional details.