Pre-Existing Conditions

Most of the Travel medical Insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. Some of these conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, tumor, dialysis, etc. In such conditions, none of the Insurance companies offering travel medical insurance takes into account such cases.

The very next question that arises in our mind is whether it is okay to opt for such services which are not considerate about our present conditions. Will they facilitate us further? To answer this question, we will discuss a general survey which mentions about the travel-based health issues faced by travelers; a major part of these conditions are only a result of bad weather conditions and negligence toward eating habits, and the other part of it being accidents. Rare cases of pre-existing conditions cause disturbance to the travelers. Thinking from a buyer’s perspective, we need security toward everything, whether it’s a minor accident or a medical emergency due to pre-existing conditions. Economically and practically, this approach is invalid for the insurance providers.

However, it is possible to purchase a travel medical insurance policy that includes an Acute Onset of a Pre-Existing condition coverage. An Acute Onset is defined as a sudden and unexpected recurrence of a Pre-Existing condition that occurs without advance warning. The diagnosis is up to the attending physician to determine. Final determination of medical expense eligibility will be made by the Insurance Company’s claim department.

Some policies include coverage for Acute Onset depending on a person’s age.  It’s important to go over all the benefits and limitations of a given plan before purchasing.

We advise our clients to take some precautions such as:

  • Get in touch with a good travel insurance Agency, and your preference should be toward getting a plan catering toward PPO coverage with Acute Onset of Pre-Existing conditions.
  • Every time you travel abroad or elsewhere, get your checkups done to avoid any hidden medical conditions. It is better to get a diagnosis done than to suffer and ruin your trip.
  • Most of the times people complain of not getting a good medical help related to their medicines, they also avoid taking its me-too medicine for some reasons, so it is better to carry medicines from your home country with a prescription to avoid any hassle.
  • People with conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure are advised to keep their equipment handy so that it helps them in times of need. It doesn’t cost so much and is very useful for monitoring purposes.
  • As monitoring of your health conditions is important, so is exercising and avoiding the medical conditions easily. When you travel somewhere, please pay close attention to your walk and exercise routine, eat healthy items and add fruits to your diet; they keep you lively. Eating right is very important.