Global/Expatriate Plans

Global medical insurance is also addressed as expatriate medical insurance. Global medical insurance is vital for travelers to suit their needs; it is a global and long-term medical insurance which makes traveling easy. In such cases, traveling for months or living in different countries throughout the year becomes easy.

Global healthcare insurance is good for everyone; the ones who make the most out of it need it completely to avoid barriers when traveling. It is available at competitive rates with flexible benefits. It is best for frequent travelers, the ones who travel to complete their yearly targets, the ones who live abroad—away from their families—people who live in their vacation home, and most importantly, travel guides who travel around the globe.

Information provided on this website is for your convenience and general understanding only. Please take a look at the Evidence of coverage and plan contract policy before purchasing the policy. The information of coverage, exclusions, limitations, and benefits are part of plans policy. The terms and conditions mentioned in the policy document are forever applicable and binding.